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HD   Coloquio de Física - Biohybrid structures: a new strategy for anti-cancer drug delivery

   08 de Noviembre de 2016
... In this work, we will present biohybrid conjugates of dendritic glycopolymers and proteins as a potential carrier system with tailor......

  biohybrid   structures   coloquio   fisica   pucp   2016   alemania   cancer   medicina   biomedicina   material   

   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

HD   Coloquio de Física - Hyperbranched and linear polymers for opto-electronic and organic electronic applications

   02 de Noviembre de 2016
...innovative polymeric materials. Besides conducting and semiconducting polymers, also the insulating materials in-between, the dielect...polymers with special optoelectronic properties, are of high importance, since they determine significantly the cost-effective processability and the final performance of devices like organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). We will demonstrate novel semiconductor polymers that are highly interesting as stable active materials...polymers have been developed as crosslinkable dielectric materials for OFETs and as materials for significantly improving the efficiency in OLEDs by showing Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent (TADF) properties or high refractive index (HRI) for increased light out-coupling....

  hyperbranched   electronic   polymers   coloquio   fisica   pucp   2016   alemania   led   oled   polimer   organico   organic   electronica   aplicacion   diodo   diode   material   

   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

HD   Coloquio de Física - Manufacturing nanoparticles for medical applications

   15 de Septiembre de 2016
...particles. They include (i) polymer micelles from amphiphilic block copolymers, (ii) stabilized micelles by shell or core-crosslinkin......

  manufacturing   nanoparticles   appplications   coloquio   fisica   pucp   2016   alemania   nanoparticula   nanotecnologia   medicina   aplicaciones   polimero   

   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

Coloquio de Física - Avances en la elaboración y caracterización de polímeros inteligentes

   12 de Septiembre de 2013
...os Rueda (Sección Física PUCP) Los polímeros inteligentes, o smart polymers, son polímeros que tienen sensibilidad a cambios en el......

  fisica   coloquio   pucp   polimero   inteligente   laboratorio   smart   elaboracion   2013   

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Johannes Fingernagel

Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Alemania...

Brigitte Voit

Technische Universität Dresden, Alemania...

Ralf Weberskirch

Technische Universität Dortmund, Alemania...