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HD   Coloquio de Física - Bridging the gap between Biology and nanomaterials: insight from theory and simulation

   15 de Agosto de 2017 their potential applications in biosensing, luminescent probes for DNA, drug delivery, etc. Gaining fundamental understanding of t...DNA and RNA, amino acid molecules with nanostructures including metallic nanoparticles, graphene, CNT, and BNNTs. Since these interactions appear in aqueous environments, the role of the solvent effect will also be investigated. Additionally, we will look into permeation of metallic clusters into lipid membranes to gain insights into toxicity induced by the ultrafine metallic nanoparticles at the cellular level....

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Ciencias - Sección Física

En este canal podrá seguir las grabaciones de los coloquios semanales y de otras actividades académicas de la Sección Física de la PUCP....

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Ravindra Pandey

Michigan Technological University...