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   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

HD   Coloquio de Física - High-efficiency solar cells: from silicon heterojunctions to perovskite/silicon tandems

   30 de Marzo de 2017
... will present Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin's contributions to two silicon-based high-efficiency solar cell technologies: amorphous/crysta...based on organic-inorganic perovskite materials and their contacts is processed directly on the silicon bottom cell. These tandem cells thus offer an inexpensive option to significantly boost state-of-the-art silicon single junction cells. I will discuss the challenges of developing and optimizing materials and devices. Furthermore, I will show in a few selected examples how advanced analytics and numerical simulations can be used to relate basic materials properties to parameters of the final PV device....

  coloquio   fisica   pucp   2017   material   fotovoltaico   photovoltaic   germany   alemania   celda   solar   energia   materiales   tecnologia   

   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

Lista   HD   Coloquio de Física - Frontiers in super resolution microscopy: bio-imaging

   27 de Marzo de 2019
...ems. Then I will demonstrate a novel, extended depth-of-focus concept based on the interference effect, applied to ophthalmic usage a......

  coloquio   fisica   pucp   2019   israel   optica   microscopia   oftalmologia   lente   ojo   medicina   tecnologia   

   Posgrado      Escuela de Posgrado

HD   Course: fragility curves for building stocks: derivation from macroseismic and mechanical-based models and calibration through empirical data

   29 de Octubre de 2019
...methods for the vulnerability assessment the empirical and mechanical-based models represent some of most widely used options. On the...based models are able to explicitly distinguishing the influence of various structural and mechanical parameters on the seismic response. In the seminar, the potential and drawbacks of both methods are discussed showing also some example on stocks representative of Italian residential buildings....

  fragility   curves   building   stocks   derivation   macroseismic   mechanical   calibration   through   data   empirical   

   Institucional      Vicerrectorado de Investigación

HD   Taller de difusión de resultados Development of ecofriendly composite materials based on geopolymer matrix and reinforced with waste fibers

   07 de Febrero de 2020
La Dirección de Gestión de la Investigación y el Departamento Académico de Ciencias organizan el taller de difusión de los resultados obtenidos a la c...

  taller   difusion   resultados   development   ecofriendly   composite   materials   based   geopolymer   matrix   reinforced   waste   fibers   

   Institucional      Vicerrectorado de Investigación

HD   Conferencia “The strengthening of corporate governance based on applied fuzzy logic. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management”

   19 de Septiembre de 2022
“Encuentro Anual de Investigación, Innovación y Creación PUCP 2022”...

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Lars Korte

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics, Alemania...