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HD   Coloquio de Física - Wrapping light around a hair

   16 de Marzo de 2017
...Ponente: Eric Mazur (Harvard University) Can light be guided by a fiber whose diameter is much smaller than ...light? Can we mold the flow of light on the micrometer scale so it wraps, say, around a hair? ...Light can be launched into these silica nanowires by optical evanescent coupling and the wires allow low-loss single-mode operation. They can be bent sharply, making it possible to control the propagation of light around micrometer-sized corners. The nanowires have appli......

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Ciencias - Sección Física

En este canal podrá seguir las grabaciones de los coloquios semanales y de otras actividades académicas de la Sección Física de la PUCP....

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Eric Mazur

Physicist and educator at Harvard University, and an entrepreneur in technology start-ups for the educational and technology markets. Mazur's research is in experimental ultrafast optics and condensed...