Bernardo Wayar

Executive Director of the Firm. President of the Bolivian Arbitration Society. Former President of La Paz Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de La Paz, 2008 - 2012) and Vice-President of the Bolivian Bar Association (Colegio Nacional de Abogados 2011 – 2012). Between 1994 and 1997, he was appointed Secretary of Justice of the Republic of Bolivia. He was an Associate Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of La Paz (2002 – 2008) and Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (2008 - 2009). Wayar Caballero served as a member of the Drafting Commission for the ‘Securities Market Law’, the ‘Law 1770 of Arbitration and Conciliation’, the ‘Law on Abbreviated Civil Procedure’, the ‘Law of Administrative Procedure and Administrative Contentious Process’, the ‘Constitutional Tribunal Law’, the ‘Project of Law on Public Budgets’, the ‘Project of the Civil Code Procedure’ and Supreme Decree Nº 24110 of creation of the ‘Development Fund of the Financial System and of Support to the Productive Sector (FONDESIF)’, among others. He studied Law at the Anahuac University Law School (Mexico City - Mexico) and Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (La Paz – Bolivia) Graduated Summa Cum Laude. He carried out a Specialization Program in International Relationships at the Matías Romero Institute of International Studies (Mexico City - Mexico)

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