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Coloquio de Física - Preparación y caracterización de películas delgadas de compuestos pseudobinarios a-(SiC)x(AlN)1-x dopadas con tierras raras usando RF-magnetron sputtering

   14 de Abril de 2011
...egion due to their large band-gap (3 eV and 6.2 eV). The pseudobinary system (SiC)1-x(AlN)x ensures the adjustment of the desired ban...system stands out due to its easy and therefore inexpensive preparation. Thin amorphous (SiC)1-x(AlN)x -films are prepared and investigated at the PUCP (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) using dual-rf-magnetron-sputtering. The starting materials are high purity, (poly)crystalline SiC and AlN targets prepared at the university of Erlangen which ensure in contrast to commercially available ceramic targets the completion of amorphous films with semiconductor quality. First films have been produced and the results will be presented. The band-gap is determined by means of optical transmission spectroscopy and the composition of the material by EDX-measurement. For the limiting cases, i.e., x=0, SiC and x=1, AlN rare earth doping (Tb, Eu, Dy) have been performed and their thermal activated emission has been studied by cathodoluminescence. The current research of the laboratory in materials science is part of the collaboration between the PUCP and the university of Erlangen-Nürnberg supported by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)....

  coloquio   fisica   pelicula   delgada   materiales   sputtering   espectroscopia   semiconductor   amorfo   pucp   2011   

   Facultades      Ciencias Sociales

Conferencia: Building Resilient Socio- Economic & Environmental Systems – The need for interdisciplinary research

   02 de Abril de 2013
...Conferencia: Building Resilient Socio- Economic & Environmental Systems – The need for interdisciplinary research......


   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

HD   Coloquio de Física - Fast tracking electronics system for trigger upgrade at the Large Hadron Collider experiment

   23 de Septiembre de 2013
...e physics experiment, the trigger is a fast online ("live") selection system that decides which events are interesting enough to be r......

  fisica   colisionador   coloquio   pucp   particula   atlas   lhc   cern   trigger   2013   

   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

Lista   HD   Coloquio de Física - Frontiers in super resolution microscopy: bio-imaging

   27 de Marzo de 2019
...nente: Zeev Zalevsky (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) Digital imaging systems and the human vision ...system have limited capability to separate spatial features. Therefore, their imaging resolution is limited. The reasons for this limitation are related to the effects of diffraction, i.e., the finite dimensions of the imaging optics, the geometry of the sensing array and its sensitivity, and the position of the object itself, which may be out of focus. In this talk I will first present novel photonic approaches and means to overcome these limitations and eventually allow us to have super-resolved imaging systems. Then I will demonstrate a novel, extended depth-of-foc......

  coloquio   fisica   pucp   2019   israel   optica   microscopia   oftalmologia   lente   ojo   medicina   tecnologia   

   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

HD   Coloquio de Física - Rare events in a system of mutually coupled lasers

   24 de Mayo de 2019
...ita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla) We present a study for a laser system consisting of two coupled laser oscillators, each of whi......

  coloquio   fisica   lasers   system   coupled   pucp   2019   laser   optica   buap   mexico   complejo   sistema   acoplamiento   acoplado   

   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

HD   Coloquio de Física - Biohybrid structures: a new strategy for anti-cancer drug delivery

   08 de Noviembre de 2016
...In addition to the active compound itself, an efficient drug delivery system is needed. In this work, we will present biohybrid conju...system with tailor-made properties. By using non-covalent interactions, the assembling is free of side reactions and directly doable under physiological conditions, by controlling the particle size via the ligand-receptor ratio. Such a system shows high potential for application in a wide range of ...system and some of its biological properties....

  biohybrid   structures   coloquio   fisica   pucp   2016   alemania   cancer   medicina   biomedicina   material   

   Departamentos      Ciencias - Sección Física

HD   Coloquio de Física - Bridging the gap between Biology and nanomaterials: insight from theory and simulation

   15 de Agosto de 2017
...ery, etc. Gaining fundamental understanding of the interaction of bio-systems with materials is therefore critical for application of......

  coloquio   fisica   pucp   2017   michigan   eeuu   material   estructura   nanomaterial   nano   biologia   adn   dna   nanoparticula   nanoestructura   diseño   grafeno   teoria   simulacion   

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